You Wrote What!?: The Rules of Writing, and Why They Must Be Broken

Gordon A.R.


Writer’s need advice like anyone else. In fact, it can be said that writer’s need more advice than anyone else, due to the immense burden of creating something from nothing, with nothing at your disposal save the something that made you desire such a burdensome process to begin with: the brain. But the brain can be easily overtaxed. And when this happens, writer’s get discouraged. And when writer’s get discouraged, they turn to others for advice.

But which others, Gordon? Famous authors?? Editors??? Celebrities???? Commoners?????

Unfortunately, all four. And I say unfortunately for a reason.

You see, I am in the process of writing my second novel (the first is lying in the boneyard at the moment, waiting for my future self to reemerge and piece it together properly), and like all authors, I reached a point of ephemeral discouragement. So instead of waiting for this to pass (as I…

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