iOS 8 what we know so far..

Apple Inc. Has done it again! WWDC 2014 was the event where Tim Cook unveiled iOS 8 to the attendees and developers all around the world. This was the moment, which decided the fate of Apple Inc.. and where it’s leading us with it’s refined work done on the software part. It takes an infinite amount of efforts to come up with something like this. We had a faint idea that iOS 8 will be based on the very structure of iOS 7, in many ways that’s what it is. We feel that iOS 8 is brushed and polished, more refined version of iOS 7.
So here’s some of iOS 8 features that you should know about

The brightest selling point of Apple products is how beautifully they work with one another. Whether it’s MacBook and iPad or an iPhone with an iMac, it just feels like you are using one device in different shapes and sizes. With their syncing ability these products are more powerful together. ‘Continuity’ feature takes it to a whole new level and here’s why. Imagine how nice would it be if you can start your work on one device and continue it later on another right where you left it. In another term you can save your valuable time by using Continuity which improves your work efficiency.

Interactive Notifications
Notifications in iOS 7 are quite similar to what you may have experienced in iOS 6 and iOS 5 however, with iOS 8 Apple wanted to change all that. In iOS 8 notifications will be interactive. So what does it mean? Let’s say you’ve got a text message from your friend which needs an immediate response, therefore all you have to do is to swipe left on the notification and as you do you are able to send quick reply and it works with any other app like Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and even with stock apps like reminders, calendar. This way you don’t need to deviate from the app you are using currently.

Predictive keyboard
Apple had been overlooking this one feature despite the fact that android had it for many years. Predictive text is a no brainer really. It improves your typing efficiency, saves time and we don’t understand why Apple hadn’t really considered that one before. The ability to install 3rd party keyboards has always been a great advantage for Android users, but now With iOS 8 developers are allowed to install 3rd party keyboards such as swiftkey and fleskey. Indeed, it’s a welcoming feature.

Health Kit
With HealthKit, Apple had introduced APIs that unites all of the fitness apps under one roof so that you can track your health data from one place. We think that one device alone can not gather much data and therefore an accessory would come handy, and by that we are indicating to an iWatch which said to be coming by the end of this year.


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