Switching from iOS to android

  Let me just start by saying that I’m the biggest admirer of iOS based devices since I purchased my first iPhone back in 2013. This new iPhone 5 was going to be my daily driver and I was loving every bit of it. Honestly I did thought there might be a learning curve involved but that’s the beauty of iOS devices that there’s nothing to learn, once you start using the device it makes you feel that getting things done on your smartphone couldn’t be easier.
                 Apparently a lot has happened  since the launch of iPhone 5 Smart phones have gotten bigger with displays, batteries into them and then I  realized that my iPhone is getting old. My device wasn’t really capable competing with the latest Smart phones.
                Yesterday was the day when I reached a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. My iPhone’s battery wouldn’t last longer than an hour and a half on 3G network, I had to charge the device at least 3 times a day & that’s when I decided to just submit my iPhone to the authorized apple service center for the battery replacement and if possible I really wanted them to replace my iPhone as well.
                   So what were my other options? Yeah I didn’t think that through when I submitted my iPhone cause that was the only device or smartphone that I had. That’s when my mate lend me his old first generation moto G. It had its own little problems which is a whole lot of different story.
                   Present day : After syncing my google account on this phone and installing all the apps necessary and 10 hours later using moto G here is what I think of it “It’s different” There’s much more you can do with the device in terms of customization and how you want the feel and look of the device. This opens up loads of possibilities with what you can do with Android! For a start I really liked the way it handles apps installing cause you don’t really need to put your password every time you want to download an app! This stock keyboard just works. I liked how one app interacts with another when there are tons of sharing options to choose from. Another thing that makes me want to use the android device even more is the back button, yes I’m an iOS user and I never really needed that before but after using this device I think It’s going to be hard for me use my iPhone facing the fact that there’s no back button. It just makes navigation so easy.
                 Battery performance has and will always be my first priority. From 1450 mAh on my iPhone 5 to 2100 mAh on moto G doesn’t sound much of difference, does it? Well battery performance on this device is quite decent I mean I had 83% battery left on it before going to bed and after 2 hours of tune in radio use it came down to just 61%.
           The verdict : So what does it take to switch from iOS to android device? Sense of reliability. Where iPhone taught me how things can simplified, android taught me all about customizations and how freely things can be tangled into one another and still make it work.


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  1. Reblogged this on jayqdrulz and commented:
    Thats an Serious Apple Fanboy praising Andorid is really Shocking….. Keep up d work mate the writing is subtle and good… looking out for more stuff an ur experience with DROID 👍

  2. On some points i agree with you, but we should admit iphone5 is a old phone now but still its aging beautifully. Talking about battery, yes its been an issue for iphones. But just check out the new iphone 6 plus. The battery last as you can use in one stretch.You sleep at battery being at 78% , and you will wake up at 78%

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